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Happy Safe Surfing!


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1.) Watch what you download.

2.) It's important to always keep current with the latest security fixes from Microsoft.

3.) Make sure your installation of Java VM and Adobe is up-to-date. (http://www.oracle.co...ads/index.html) (most virus make use of java and adobe exploits)

4.) Instead of internet explorer use an other browser.

A good option is mozzila firefox.

addons in firefox :

wot: https://addons.mozil...fox/addon/3456/

addblockplus: https://addons.mozil...fox/addon/1865/

noscript: https://addons.mozil...efox/addon/722/

redirectremover: https://addons.mozil...efox/addon/537/

Betterprivacy: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6623/

(there are many other free browsers, but no script is very strong security for firefox)


5.) Install Javacool's spywareblaster (http://www.javacools...reblaster.html)


It will protect you from most spy/foistware in it's database by blocking installation of their ActiveX objects.


Download and install, download the latest updates, and you'll see a list of all spyware programs covered by the program

Press "Enable All Protection", and you're done.

The spyware that you told Spywareblaster to set the "kill bit" for won't be a hazard to you any longer.


6.) Let's also not forget that spybot search and destroy has the Immunize feature which works roughly the same way.

(http://www.safer-net...ial/index.html) Also it provides a host file and Spybot make it read-only so spyware can't change it.


7.)An Anti-Virus product is a necessity.

Some very good and easy-to-use free A/V programs are Avast, Antivir, AVG.

U can choose one of them and run it with Immunet Protect Free.

It is not a good idea to run more than one anti-virus program. So u can pick Avast or Antivir or AVG + Immunet Protect Free.


8.) Use an additional scanner on-demand monntly for extra protection.

2 free good on demand scanners are malwarebyte's antimalware, superantispyware.


9.) Turn windows firewall on(xp,vista,7). It protects from all inbounds connections.(good for starters)

Or disable it and use instead one of the two good free ones are Online Armor,Outpost.

Be carefull if u want to use a third-party firewall u MUST disable the windows in-built firewall.(and also the service of firewall in windows services)


It is important to note that all of the above programs/files can be run simultaneously on your system. They will work together in layers, so to speak, to help protect your computer.


The porpose of the post i make, is to help the immunet community to make a more secure system.


It's my personal security list. All the above programs are freeware. All the above programs are compatible with windows xp,vista,7.

Use the programes with ur own response.


Thnx for ur time Immunet community.



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have a look at statistiks, firefox is more unsafe as internet explorer. ff has 50 securitiy holes in the last 3 months.

opera is more safe as firefox and also ie is more safe :D

i personaly use my browser in sandboxie.

for updates you can use file hippo.


because its not only important to keep windows and java up to date, also adobe and all other applications.


right klick the tray symbol, select, settings, results, hide beta updates.

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