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Tetra Vs. Itunes 10

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I have dicovered that detection engine TETRA in both windows 7 home edition and windows xp media 2005 edition will cause itunes to behave as a new install popping up the EULA, and firstime run menus. The good thing is all existing music is unaffected but it is highly annoying to have to agree to the EULA and close tutorials everytime you start up itunes. Shutting off the TETRA feature in the plus version will prevent this from happening. after shutting TETRA off and rebooting and accepting the EULA one more time has worked to fix this issue for my windows 7 machine, i have yet to determine the outcome on xp since i have not been able to reactivate the plus version on that system at time of this post. I have sent email to tech support and hope there is a fix so running TETRA will not effect itunes. I am just happy i discovered this before restoring the wife computer, I would rather restore my two computers before restoring her one computer :blink:


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