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Guest TheA!

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Guest Armin Pasalic

Rules, read the rules before posting!


* Do NOT Spam! Advertising and Trolling is NOT allowed! If you post topics with this kind of behavior, the topic will be removed, and you get a Warning!

* Do NOT use aggressive language on your topics!

* Do NOT disrespect other users! Insulting, disrespecting other users is not allowed!

* Do NOT post naughty pictures, aggressive pictures, etc. content!

* Do NOT post links to virus websites, pranks, or other stuff! (If it is important then pm an admin/moderator)

* Do NOT post downloads! UNLESS a admin/moderator have approved it or it have relevance like SDT tool

* Do NOT use any other language other than English! So everybody can understand!

* Do NOT spam other users with private messages or email!

* Do NOT disrespect the Moderators/Admins! They are here to help you.

If you don't respect those rules, you will be banned or given a warning. The Admin/Moderator chooses himself what to do if you abuse those rules! Respect them, and you get respect from us!



Idea forum led by: Armin Pasalic!


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