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Last Scan Never

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Guest Wookiee
9 hours ago, chatz said:

Windows 10 pro V 1809 build 11763.475

Thanks for your quick reply - scan history holding ATM

Let me know if that changes. Right now, on win 10 pro (on my box)- I scanned, and scan history is intact thus far...but it's only been about 6 hours. So, I will see if it holds longer or not

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Thanks for your time Wookiee, it's appreciated.

Scan history still holding (i.e. no error - Last Scan Never) The only thing I have noticed that the "flash scan" has been deleted from the scan history after I completed a "full scan" today.  I am very new to Immunet (7 days), so not sure if that is correct.

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That is really weird chatz! It seems that your history log files are either being continually corrupted or the interface becomes incapable of reading the files correctly.

Could you send Wookiee a Support Diagnostic Tool report via private message?

Simply open All Apps and find Immunet's icon and click on that, then find the Support Diagnostic Tool icon and click on that, that will create a zip file to your Desktop. Send that as an attachment to Wookiee.

Here's a link to Wookiee's profile page. Just click on the Message icon that looks like a mail envelope & send that data to him. https://support.immunet.com/profile/46674-wookiee/

Thanks for helping out with this issue. Your input is greatly appreciated!
Regards, Ritchie...

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Thanks again for your continued input chatz.

Sometimes an SDT report can't be included if it exceeds the data limit on attachments for PM's. I would like to see this limitation adjusted higher for users on the forum to avoid just this circumstance. The admins have control over site adjustments so there's nothing much I can do there but recommend a higher setting.

Great alternative you thought of though!

Just hope this additional data will prove to be helpful in finding a fix for you!

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Thanks Wookiee for looking into this for chatz.

If this ransomware app does block/interfere with Immunet's processes that could cause the behavior you're actually seeing chatz. Let us know if disabling this security app has positive effects.

Maybe, if that's the case, you just need to create allow/exclusion/exception rules for Immunet's processes with this app.

What exactly is this anti-ransomware app called anyways (where you downloaded it from might be helpful just to assure legitimacy too)?

That way we can do some compatibility research with this software perhaps.

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With your newest threads and some research I performed I have doubts it's Ransomstopper that's causing a conflict with Immunet.

I too use a daily scheduled flash scan and out of curiosity I checked my history files. There's listings for the last five days of scheduled scans with my UI.

I'll run some additional scans to see if I can possibly replicate this behavior on my computer. I do use a different OS (Win 7 X64) so that might not prove anything if this is an issue solely with Win 10 but I'll give it a shot & let ya know.

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Hi chatz, the devs must still be working on the issue. There have been recent reports of a couple of history data bugs that needs addressing and it does take time to roll-out a new bug fix build.

Keep in mind, these history data bugs will in no way affect the malware protection provided by Immunet if anyone's worried about that.

I'm sure Wookiee will add another thread to this topic if there's anything relevant to report.

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