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Firefox Mozilla gets quarantined

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Is it the newest version of FF that's doing this and what is the detection name being given?

To find out the detection name simply click on the underlined word Quarantine located just below the History tab on the UI. This information should be in the right hand side Details dialog box.

If you could provide a screen grab of the Details dialog box that would even be better.

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I'm getting a similar problem. Windows 7 pro pc that has just had new disk installed so no legacy s/w or files on system.   Downloaded Firefox from Mozilla US site (I'm in Australia) and clicked run and I get a pop up box that says:

Threat detected

setup-stub.exe has been detected as Clam.Win.Virus.Salty-6826349-0 .Quarantine failed


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Hello Mike, we've been having some problems with the ClamAV module & folks encountering a number of False Positives recently.

Have you tried to restore the file from Quarantine? Just click on the underlined word Quarantine located below the History tab on the UI -> see if you can find the file in the Details dialog box list and click on it -> select the Restore option. This will move the file to the Exclusion list.

If you still encounter issues installing FF with additional Clam.Win detections or the file is not listed for restoration, in Settings, try disabling the ClamAV module altogether before installing.

We do have a site for reporting False Positives here. http://www.immunet.com/false_positive

You could also report this False Positive directly to the ClamAV team if you're so inclined. They do have their own FP reporting site here. http://www.clamav.net/reports/fp

Cheers, Ritchie...


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