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About Installing Immunet on Windows 10

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Good day!

I have some questions about this Immunet AV that I found on Internet. Just for assurance and verifications. Hoping your kind and support. 

1. Is this Immunet AV totally free 100%?

2. If Immunet AV installed on Windows 10. Is it okay that the Windows Security is on and its Windows firewall also?

3. Is this Immunet AV still supporting what Operating System (OS)?

Apology if this is not belong to this Category or Articles. Thank you!


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Hello Lito and thank you for your interest in Immunet!

Immunet is totally free for home/personal use and for any "non-profit" charitable or educational organization. Immunet is not licensed for and should not be used for any "for-profit" business, service or organization. No support will be offered if it's discovered that Immunet is being used in such a manner. This info is included with the End User License Agreement (EULA) when first installing Immunet.

Immunet is compatible with Windows security software. It is recommended that you create an allow/exception rule for Immunet's entire Program Files folder with Windows Security & create an Exclusion rule for Win Security's entire Program Files folder with Immunet. This helps avoid possible future conflicts between the two programs. With Windows Firewall both in-coming/out-going data allow rules should be created for Immunet's processes which are sfc.exe, iptray.exe & freshclam.exe (if using the ClamAV module).

Immunet currently supports these Windows platforms. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 & Server 2016.

I hope that answered your questions adequately. If you have any additional questions feel free to add another thread to this topic.
Cheers, Ritchie...


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Hi charlie909, did you check for corrupted, problematic, not needed drivers or see if any drivers needed updated like it was suggested in the article?

The article also pointed out that this error can be caused by some rather serious hardware issues such as a failing hard drive or faulty memory modules.

If you think Immunet might be responsible for this error you could check the Quarantine list to see if any files related to Windows Update is present. If so, let us know what the detection name(s) is/are right away! A screen shot of the Quarantine Details dialog data regarding these files (if any) could be very helpful.

Regards, Ritchie...

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