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Which Countries Are Protect By Immunet?


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Alfred said users from 192 countries use immunet, which countries are their?

in my community are users from germany, greece, estonia, canada, usa and norway ... where are the users from china, russia, japan and so on and so on?


where are the users in this forum? which countries are protect by immunet?


best regards


M.Richter :)

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Guest Orlando



This is an incomprention. We have 2 tipes of community. One is the global community distribuited in 192 countries. The other, wich are you talking about, is the personal community, only you can add/accept people to insert in. You are protected from all of malware wich came of all of countries, but the single user makes the Immunet more strong. So if you have more and more people in your (personal) community you will be more protected from the new malwares meet by your people, immediately. Then the other users (global community) will protected from this threat by some seconds/minutes, but if you have them you will protect before. I don't think of being able to list the 192 countries.


If I'm not too much exaustive, ask again.




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