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Community Defect?

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and here comes the next one, a user from united kingdom are in my community-list but not in the c.-tree


(no users from germany, netherland and UK in the tree, only in the list)


but par example i added a new chinese user and a user from portugal, there is all ok,both are in the list and in the tree! Why are there difference to the other users from other lands?


see the image



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c.tree maximum users :14

The others , u can find them on list.


:blink::unsure: ah, ok, doesnt know ... thought it is a bug ... orlando sayd it is a bug ( or only he mean that two the same people in the list are a bug!? )


but i think, that must be changed, only 14 people? i think the Community tree must show a globus, that roles forward and backward to the countries of clicked members

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Guest Orlando

The bug is that Thanh Tai is writed two times. As has said Boombastick you can have only 14 users in c.tree, It's to don't confusion.


We will the Vietnam's flag in our database if the user grow.



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