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Why is python.exe blocked?


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I am using Python 3.7 on Windows 10 to run some programs installed with pip in a virtual environment.

Immunet 6.3.0 is also installed on this Windows 10 computer.

Today Immunet suddenly blocked (and deleted!) the Python executable, python.exe.

Why???  I downloaded Python 3.7 from the official source (python.org), so this is certainly not malware.

Also, for some reason pythonw.exe is not blocked, even though python.exe is blocked.  Should I worry about if Immunet will suddenly also block and delete pythonw.exe tomorrow?

I really hope this is an error that will be fixed very soon!!!

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Anders,
The Microsoft Store recognizes Python as a legitimate application so I would concur that is definitely a False Positive. I don't think that exe. has been deleted, just quarantined.

Have you looked in Quarantine and attempted to use the Restore feature for the executable? Just click on the underlined word Quarantine below the History tab on the UI. Find the exe. in the right side Details dialog box & click on it, then select the Restore option. Once restored that will automatically put the file in the Exclusion list and will no longer be scanned.

If you continue to have issues another option would be to create an Exclusion rule with Immunet for Python's entire Program Files folder.

Why python.exe got quarantined in the first place is something the devs will have to look at. We do have a False Positive reporting site so if you can find out the SHA256 hash of the exe. please submit that data here. http://www.immunet.com/false_positive

Let us know if you continue to encounter problems with this app & Immunet.

Regards, Ritchie...

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