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Immunet 6.3.0 Service Stops

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I'm having the same problem. Just today (5/26) my Immunonet stops and I get a service stopped message. To start it again I have to reboot or logout/login.Then Immunet runs for about 10 minutes, but then it stops again. I tried logging on as administrator and stopping/starting the Immunet service. But there was an additional service called something like Immunet Connector that could not be stopped/started

 I'm running Windows 10.

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HenryW, I am having the same issue on my home computer. Lots of Clam.Win quarantines and service stopping during a full scan. Haven't had and issues until yesterday. At this exact moment I've downloaded one-time scan offered by another large security software company and running it. Multiple threats detected and it's still running.


Using Windows 7.

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Hi DmitriL, I too use Win 7 but am not seeing this behavior since I'm running Immunet as a companion AV to a different paid AV product without the ClamAV module enabled.

If any of you want to experiment a bit, try temporarily turning off the ClamAV module and updates for it to see if that makes a difference. I know that's not the optimum thing to do but if we can determine if it's the ClamAV module doing this that will give the devs a good head start to find out the cause & fix this issue.

Just don't turn off the ETHOS & SPERO cloud detection engines too or you won't have any protection at all!

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This morning (5/27) following Ritchie58"s advice, I turned off the ClamAV module and Updates. So now Immunet no longer turns off after a few minutes--however it no longer quarantines threats. 

I too would like to know what update HenryW downloaded that seemed to fix the problem.

Also I'm beginning to think the quarantining of Clam.Win.Exploit.CVE_2019_0903-6966169-0 was a false positive. 

I'm a true newbie--I don't know what Clam. Is Clam a type of exploit?  A method of detecting exploits?


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Guest Wookiee

CLAMAV Sig issue is fixed.

Though, that shouldn't of caused the services to start / stop.
that could be something completely unrelated.
Either way- hit the update button, and see if that fixes anything- or doesn't.

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