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Zoro encrypted files.


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Immunet did not encrypt your files. What you have actually done is allow ransomware to be installed on your computer! The file zoro4747 is known to be a ransomware installer. That's the reason for the encrypted files.

The attachments you provided were deleted since they were extremely suspect since I encountered a possibly malicious cross-scripting attempt (thank you Anti-Exploit & NoScript!). "We do not allow genuine malware samples to be posted here so please do not re-post those attachments anywhere on this forum for the safety of other forum members!"

I would suggest you enter Safe Mode with Networking & run a full scan of your OS drive to see if Immunet can clean your system. That probably isn't going to fix the files that are already encrypted by the malware however.

That's why it's so important to "backup files you don't want to lose" on an external hard drive or USB device that's "ordinarily not connected" to the PC.

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