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Received More Spam.

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SPAM received in my email inbox today:



'tiffany' commented on A Look at User Infection Rates:


tiffany and co jewellery (http://www.9jewellery.com/)

chanel jewellery (http://www.9jewellery.com/categories/Chanel-Jewelry/)

links of london (http://www.9jewellery.com/categories/Links-of-london/)

louis vuitton jewellery (http://www.9jewellery.com/categories/Louis-Vuitton/)

hermes jewellery

bulgari jewellery (http://www.9jewellery.com/categories/Hermes-Jewelry/)






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Windows XP - sp3

AMD Sempron 2600+

1.5 gig ram

128mb video card (nvidia)

telstra 3G internet connection

opera 11 (alpha)

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