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Fresh server 2012 r2: Immunet 6.3: CPU 99,9%

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I have a HP Microserver Gen8 and i've always used Immunet on this machine. I recently fresh installed it and now the CPU is being stresstested by Immunet.

Immunet does not seem to be scanning currently.

Unchecking the "Enable ClamAV Engine" fixes the issue but Im not sure if that completely disables the AV.

Edit: This has been like this for about 36 hours.


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Thanks for reporting this & "some great detective work on your part!" If disabling the ClamAV module alleviates the excessive CPU usage I would have to also concur that is "definitely" the culprit. We have had a few issues with ClamAV recently besides what you're now reporting. I would recommend you keep the ClamAV module (and updates for it) disabled until the devs can further look at this situation.

As long as you keep the ETHOS & SPERO cloud detection engines enabled you don't entirely lose malware protection. In fact some folks normally like to use just the cloud engines to keep Immunet's use of system resources to a minimum.

It has always been recommended if Immunet is to be used as a companion AV to another "paid" AV product to disable the ClamAV module.

If you would like to also report this issue "directly" to the ClamAV devs here is a link for that. Use the Report A Bug option. https://www.clamav.net/contact

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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I had a similar experience on my Windows 10 (19H1). Additionally I have seen it using 900MB and gave up thinking it has some compatibility problem with Windows 10. However, on my test virtual machine (Windows Server 2012 R2) I noticed some unacceptable CPU usage and memory usage. On the real machine (Windows server 2012/Xeon) I noticed some spikes especially in fresh boot.

My question is, how do we report this? This is free/open source software so I feel responsibility to send whatever feedback possible.

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