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Windows Security Setup.


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If the links are playing up.



use this site to get correct links







Anti Virus


Malware Scanners

System Cleaners

and more.


Put these free security based programs on your

Windows Computer (XP - Vista - 7)

and feel safer browsing the net.


Windows internet security software:




I recommend using all the core applications.


> Microsoft Security Essentials.

virus, trojan and malware security software.

note: this is the best supported and obvious choice for windows computers.

updated constantly and ties in your windows firewall and updates.

make sure you have it running and setup correctly.





> Immunet Cloud Antivirus.

Cloud based antivirus software runs side by side with MSE (above) to give you more ongoing protection.


> Comodo firewall

Adds more protection both up and down traffic and will block malware and suspect programs.



> Windows Firewall

Switch off in control panel.<b>


Other Stuff


> Google public dns:

security benefits:


setup page:



> Ccleaner.

Clean out system,cache,browsing history etc. (inc opera)



> Networx.

Speed meter and usage statistics etc, to monitor up and down data to make sure its not being stolen:



> Orbit.

Checks your 3rd party software is up to date (software updater). Speeds up downloads.




Additional free Malware Scanners.

These are standalone programs that will scan your system for virus, trojan and other malware.

These programs can be run when you want to scan and switched off afterwards (dont affect system responce).

note: MSE, Immunet and Panda (as mentioned above) also have extensive malware scanners.

> malwarebytes.



> Eset Online Scanner.



> exterminate it.



Other free Security related software and links.


> Secunia PSI.

Checks and tell you about holes in current applications (ie/ patch all your software)



> Speccy.

is an advanced System Information tool for your PC.



> Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer.

checks your windows system is fully patched.



> Wipe.

Deep cleaner, will usually find more leftovers.



> Process Lasso.

Monitors your processes and automatically stabilises system, (helps prevent any program including malware to take control of your system)



> Glary Utilities.

numerous powerful system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.



> Baku.

Will dig in deep for rubbish left on system and in registry as well as MRU lists and duplicate files



> Eusing free registry cleaner.



> Fix MSE.

If your having any problems with Microsoft Security Essentials (including if it wont install updates)



> Minitool drive copy.

Do a full system backup to another drive or USB device.



Microsoft Security Essentials wont update


When running other antivirus and firewalls with MSE running you may have problems updating the virus definitions.

To manually update MSE updates using most browsers including opera:



> download the latest definition updates at: (save to > desktop)


> Reboot and press F8 a few times at startup to bring up `Windows Safe Mode'

> login as administrator > find mpam-fe on your desktop

clicking on this file will update your MSE virus definitions.

> reboot into windows.





- If you want to test your current anti-virus program(s).

The following link is a tool that allows you to test for certain malware actions and cleans up afterwards.

Dont use this tool unless you are confident in what you are doing.


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Got your own web site. That's pretty cool Duncan! I clicked on a couple of links and the ones I checked out sent me to the right place. I am curious about that cleaner called "Wipe" and I see your also familiar with CCleaner (who isn't). In your opinion is Wipe better than CCleaner at getting rid of unnecessary files? Or do you use both? I've used CCleaner for years. The newest version (3.01.1327) is much better at deleting index.dat files. In fact I used a cleaner just for those type of files called Index.dat Analyzer 2.0 but now it's unneeded as CCleaner does a through job with that now.

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Sorry people, I tried to edit original post but I keep getting problems with html links...





You can see on the page that the links have been compressed.. They seem to work here, but it is confusing.. when I edit the links it changes them back to compressed one.



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use this site to get correct links





....nice clean links here.

ps....hope you didn't think I was being sarcastic, I really meant thanks.

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