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Free Download Manager(fdm) process blocked

Deepu B

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Immunet blocking the fdm.exe process with following messages.

"fdm.exe has been prohibited from running, for more information please contact your IT Administrator"

How do you I add an exception/unblock the file ? , the process quarantine log shows that antivirus detected "w32.MAP.ransomeware.rewite" virus, but individual scan on fdm.exe reports clean.

see the attached screenshots.





FDM Immunet Antivirus process blocking.PNG

immunet notification.PNG

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Free Download Manager is a legitimate software package however there are fake versions in the wild that can include malicious code.

I would first confirm your copy is original by scanning the file using the site VirusTotal. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload

Once you're "absolutely confident" your copy is not malicious here's instructions to add a custom Exclusion rule for the file.

First open the UI & click on Settings ->  Scroll down to Add New Exclusion & click on that -> you can either type in the file name manually or use the Browse feature ->  once the file is typed in or located with the Browse button click on Add Exclusion -> click Apply.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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