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I am unable to install Mozilla Firefox: Immunet detects threats

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Windows 10 64-bit, on desktop PC - i7-6700K, 4Ghz, with 32GB RAM and heaps of drive space. Latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

Initially Immunet would intercept my attempts to download the Firefox installer.  I added Firefox Installer.exe to the exclusions and could then at least download the installer.

I tried restoring it from quarantine, but the same thing happened. It got me wondering whether Microsoft now owned Immunet and was just stopping me using other browsers, like with google searches 😞 It would appear not 🙂

Now when I try to run the installer I am faced with another threat - Sality-6826349-0. It seems highly unlikely that the Firefox installer will be viral, so how do I step around this problem? Can I switch Immunet off for a while and run the installer without interference, or is there something else I should be doing? Do I add setup-stub.exe to my exclusions?



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