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Having Problems With Internet?


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When you use your browser to surf the net you are using a Domain Name Server

An often-used analogy to explain the Domain Name System is that it serves as the phone book for the Internet.


What is DNS

> https://secure.wikim...ain_Name_System

> https://secure.wikim...ain_Name_Server


I used Open-DNS for about a month and have recently used

Google Public DNS for about a month.


Different Internet Service Providers use different DNS.


Google and opendns both created connection problems and speed variations with certain web-sites.


After recently fine-tuning my DNS I have experienced much better results as far as general surfing and speed increase when connecting to and accessing sites.


Frustrating problems with access and downloading, running online applications, etc. have stopped.


To sum it up, Your DNS can be the cause of ongoing problems.


You, your internet provider and software amongst others can change your DNS.


Your DNS server is part of your network connection.







Windows XP - sp3

AMD Sempron 2600+

1.5 gig ram

128mb video card (nvidia)

telstra 3G internet connection

opera 11 (beta)







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I'm using the DNS that is offered as an option when installing Comodo. Works great. When surfing typical pages such as Drudge Report or Fox News, I often see a small block of page space that shows a Comodo logo and error message, which tells me the Comodo DNS is blocking something that could potentially be bad. From experience, I know this is often true as too many people are getting drive-by infections due to too much crap running behind the scenes in advertisements running on legitimate websites.

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