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Minor Bug, Likely Visual


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Ok, so I use Immunet, and whenever I open it for the first time after firing my computer up in the morning (since I turn it off at night), it shows the last scanned as "Never"


I'm pretty sure this isn't anything major, but it is mildly weird, especially when I ran a scan the other day. I get that this may be intentional, like for use of stuff that never really gets restarted, and to save a few bytes of space, but for home users, it would be nice if Immunet remembered that we scanned it prior to rebooting.

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Immunet should remember the date and what type of scan was performed and you shouldn't see a yellow warning on the UI.

This can be caused by a connectivity issue or perhaps some corrupted history files.

Could you open the UI, first click on the History tab then next to "View By" click on the little downward pointing arrow. This will open a small drop down menu, choose Scan History and see if your scan has been remembered there. Let us know if it's not present in this list as well.

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