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High CPU usage

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Are you using the ClamAV module?

If so, here's some info from Admin. Rob. Turner that explains why Immunet's CPU and/or RAM usage may temporarily spike on occasion and some things you can try to minimize that.

The clam av engine loads it's full virus definitions signature set into memory:  which takes from  100 to 600mb.  add to that the clam  scanning engine  and virus definitions updater and clam alone  can in a worst case  scenario use  in the the 700mb  of memory range.   Currently we have extra experimental blue keep preventative signatures out for a worm we're expecting that are inflating the  usual virus definitions set size.

You can try updating the clam av definitions set  via the update button in the gui and running a full scan overnight.  That might get you a smaller more concise set of definitions that'll take less memory  and get you over the initial performance hump of building the local cache up.

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Yes, there is an easy way to see what files Immunet has encountered by first opening the UI and click on the History tab. This will open the File History window, right next to "View By" there's a little drop down menu you can access by clicking on the little downward pointing arrow where you can select what type of files to view (see image). From the menu you can select from Default, Clean File History, Quarantined File History, Scan History, All File Events & Blocked Process History.

A little word of caution. When viewing the files try not to scroll down the list too quickly. There have been rare occasions where iptray.exe will freeze if the current files that are loading from memory don't get a chance to complete. If this happens your only option is to do a reboot.


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I am aware of that feature.  When the CPU is at 60%, what is it scanning?  In my case I think there was something on my system that was running causing the cpu to climb.  If I knew I could add an exclusion.  That is a list of files caught which I could restore or exclude as well, but I want to know live scanning to make sure an application or service that is required which maybe causing the problem.

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There is another option of using the Verbose Tray Notifications setting. Ordinarily this feature is best left off but perhaps you may find it useful. Click on the Notification Settings tab in Settings and turn "on" Verbose Tray Notifications, don't forget to click Apply too.. You will start getting alerts for every file Immunet encounters this way. Be forewarned, there will be many of them.

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