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False Positive


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Hallo i found a new False positive for Clamav Engine. :rolleyes:


1)File name: CKrid1.txt

2)PHP script text

3)Name detection: PHP.Agent-14


5)MD5 : f5e537b7022cfc8dcd0bd7f533d9e8bc

SHA1 : 38f7a03f89b96a1ff3cf945147be8229fdfefb52

SHA256: c110042976ff3b9d4a2d6938769ae678a850386d0ccd002a2da1691bc80ffd7c



6a) Virscan.org


PS: the team of Avira said me this attachment :"The file 'CKrid1.txt' has been determined to be 'CLEAN'. Our analysts did not discover any malicious content. "

please check it.

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Guest Orlando

Il motore B (Avast) di Gdata blocca l'accesso al sito e WOT lo segnala malevolo, non cred che sia un FP, comunque credo che sia da correggere e da rivedere.



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