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Do You Use Rhapsody 4.0 For Your Tunes?


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When playing Rhapsody it creates a safe to delete cache file of the songs you listened to for quicker subsequent  retrieval which can get quite large, over 1 gig, quite quickly. It's called radfile.rcf. With XP I put it into the custom file and folder include list with CCleaner to be deleted that way and was easy to find. It was located in C:\Users\Ritchie\Program Files\Rhapsody\radfile.rcf If I remember right. Not with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I just spent about an hour hunting that sucker down. At first I couldn't find it at all so I had to check show hidden files and folders in the Folder Options. Here is where I eventually found it after some perseverance. C:\Users\Ritchie\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Rhapsody\radfile.rcf  That baby is included in CCleaner now!!! Just remember to check the box for custom files and folders so the cleaner will delete it or just right click and delete it to the Recycle Bin if you don't use CCleaner.

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