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Cannot connect to update Servers Error 503

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Ok. I finally managed to reinstall it. Had to run regedit.exe and delete almost everything that had immunet in it. I found old version keys too. After that did a new installation version 7. After that did a normal uninstall again just to clear all files and services in normal procedure.

I can say that a file was still there in system32/drivers/

Restart and running again installation. Now it works ok.

Only problem is that it doesn't seem to download clamav signatures and in current version it's not showing date as it should.

I had disabled this in last version cause it's a tablet laptop and it used to eat up too much cpu power and battery also.

I will give it a try tomorrow but I think I am going to disable clamav.

That's all... There should be a tool for clean uninstall...

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That's something we don't normally advocate is a user mucking about with the registry keys. If you delete the wrong registry entries that can definitely have undesirable consequences, not only for Immunet but perhaps for your OS as well.

Your idea of a comprehensive removal tool for Immunet has merit in my opinion, just in case something goes wrong with the normal uninstall procedure.

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On 10/9/2019 at 5:03 PM, Aris said:

the file that i cannot delete is damsicom64.dll 

This file might be loaded in a PowerShell process. A reboot and attempt to remove the file again should work. If it still presents a problem, the registry entry for the dll needs to be removed and attempt repeated again.

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