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Some additional Web sites that may help in keeping up with Clammunet, uh ImmuClam, uh... what it is. ;)




Somewhat confused, I figured out that links for

clamav-en-us- or 64).exe

from here are the same as links for

ClamAVWindowsSetup-beta-(32 or 64).exe

from there - both download the same setup exe's.

At least I think so...


Also noted is is 3.0 Beta 1 but "...still labeled 2.0"


Sourcefire crew: feel free to hop in at any time and keep us informed. Cheers!

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Thanks. My posting has absolutely nothing to do with ClamAV Win32 or the Unix ClamAV. That VRT page clears up nothing, Unix, Win32, "for Windows" or otherwise. It fails this thread relating solely to clamav-en-us- and ClamAVWindowsSetup-beta.


But as you opened that door, the specific combination of words "ClamAV for Windows" has been used to describe the Win32 port of Unix ClamAV for at least a decade. It continues to be referred to as such to this very day in third party as well as commercial venues. In fact, a few years ago doing a google on "ClamAV for Windows" would direct one the the exact same URL where now lives this Immunet based product. I know because I supported that professionally in several enterprises.


I had gone on record in other forums last year that this product should have been given a different name not only to avoid that very confusion but to allay the widely accepted view, although unfounded, that ClamAV is not just obsolete but ineffective. But that didn't go anywhere. The core product is free, so what's big deal, anyhow?


I posted up the blog URL as it is specific to the cloud product while the VRT sites discusses a broad spectrum of Sourcefire technical content. While interesting, it's way beyond the scope of this forum.


"It is the beta for the same product after all :)."


While I can understand your joviality :) this is not some photo editing or game software and the TEXT strings clamav-en-us- and ClamAVWindowsSetup-beta are NOT the same. After all. That they refer to the same thing is lackadaisical within a construct critical to the security of our systems and identity. Although Immunet is not alone in that respect.


Otherwise, I look forward to the continued development of this superior product with hopefully, now that all is "under one roof," an improvement in the casual behavior and dearth of information exhibited so far.



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