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Best Companion Tools For Clamav Beta ?

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I would appreciate any criticisms / suggestions for this multi-layered security approach using FREE software with 64 bit OS support. The applications below all play friendly with each other. They were chosen for their focus on high performance with a bare minimum of CPU and memory demand.


There is a bit of overlap in their functionality, but each application offers an industry leading strength in at least one aspect of protection. I have contemplated adding ThreatFire (another low resource, high performance app), but it seems to be nearing the end of it's "free" product life. Any other recommendations?



ClamAV (Beta) - Active Antivirus, Malware & Email attachments

Small installation size and low resident memory usage

ETHOS Heuristic engine for general protection

SPERO Cloud engine for machine learning online protection

CLAMAV Signature engine for traditional and offline protection

Open Source, multi-platform community indicates long term stability

Easy on-demand (explorer right click) antivirus scanning


Windows Defender & Firewall - Active Spyware, Adware & Worm protection

No extra installation space required

Little extra system resource usage beyond basic windows requirements

Built into Windows 7 & Vista with automatic definition updates

Spynet benefits from vast community intelligence gathering


Hitman Pro 3.5.8 Build 118 - Daily Virus, Trojan and Rootkit scanning

Miniscule install with no updates required and simple user interface

Low resource cloud malware scanning from 5 strong engines

Rapid daily scanning via windows task manager scheduling

Quick start-up scan and force-breach mode


Malware Bytes 1.50.1 - Daily Scareware, Key Logger and Malware scanning


Small installation size and simple user interface

Rapid daily scanning via windows task manager scheduling

Easy on-demand (explorer right click) malware scanning

Superior malware removal, remnant scanning and cleanup

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I don't recommend relying on a Beta product for your main defense. Windows defender is pretty much useless, I only scan with it to shut it up. Comodo CIS is very light as far as a suite goes, how much memory do you have? I have 3 GB and I can't notice CIS at all. SAS (SuperAntiSpyware) is pretty good too if you don't want to pay for HMP.

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