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Immunet 7.0.0 update keeps requiring reboot

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Recently, I updated Immunet on my Windows 10 machine and, as expected, after doing so it asked me to reboot my machine. However, even after completely restarting the computer multiple times, the message asking me to reboot keeps appearing.


And so I tried to uninstall Immunet to see if that gets rid of the problem but the uninstaller keeps aborting the uninstall because it believes there is still an update that requires a reboot.


So now I have a version of Immunet of which I'm not sure if it's updated correctly, which keeps displaying annoying "Reboot Required" messages every 15 minutes or so and I can not even uninstall it. What do I do?


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Hi Danny,
Something definitely went wrong with your install. Are you familiar with using Revo Uninstaller at all? If you're having problems uninstalling Immunet this third-party software should be able to do the job.

If you have a 32bit system then the free version of Revo will work adequately but if you have a 64bit system I would recommend you use the the "fully functional" 30 day free trial of Revo Uninstaller Pro. https://www.revouninstaller.com/revo-uninstaller-free-download/

Never used Revo before? There are some great instructional/tutorial videos on YouTube you can view before using the software. Just type Revo Uninstaller in YouTube's search bar.

I would recommend you enter "Safe Mode without Networking" before using the uninstaller.

Once you get Immunet uninstalled try to do another install except make sure no other installed security software you may have is not blocking or interfering with Immunet's bootstrapper installer, this includes your firewall of choice. The install process does require an "uninterrupted internet connection" when downloading the files and installing them.

You can download the bootstrapper installer here. https://download.immunet.com/binaries/immunet/bin/ImmunetSetup.exe

I hope this info helps.
Regards, Ritchie...

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