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Re/ Clamav-3


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I thought I would have a look at clamav-3, after downloading and installing I noticed it was downloading at full speed all the way through a scan, I tried twice in case it was downloading definition updates or something but it kept downloading. So i uninstalled it and cleaned out all the registry entries etc. I hate it when I dont know what is downloading to my pc, and it costs me money here to waste say a couple of hundred megabytes. Any idea what it was doing?





given that immunet will interact with its server to a degree when it is scanning (maybe 5 meg)


but clamav going full bore right through scan (twice in a row) at say 70 meg a time.





AMD Sempron 2600+

1.5 gig ram

128mb video card

3G internet connection

Opera 11.01




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The install & startup Process:

1) User downloads a bootstrapper

2) User executes bootstrapper and selects language

3) The bootstrapper determines the OS (32 or 64 bit) and uses the user's selected language to download the correct installer

4) The installer installs binaries, creates registry entries, and configures the product based on license selection

5) On startup, Freshclam is used to download definitions. The status of this can be seen if you click on "Update Now" in the UI


Each file that is copied, moved, or process executed will be scanned by the cloud engines and the ClamAV library. Then these are cached for subsequent lookups, but will expire after a period of time (it was configured for 24 hours).


It's not clear based on your description what problem you're exhibiting. Please send your support diagnostics (http://support.immunet.com/tiki-read_article.php?articleId=10) to support at immunet.com and elaborate issue as much as possible.

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Thanks for the reply, Millard.


I dont want to install clamav again as I'm quite happy with immunet.



I was trying to test it for awhile and get some first hand knowledge of the product in comparison to immunet.


As it started downloading constantly a number of times whilst it was doing a full scan, I uninstalled it.


I was just curious as to why it was constantly downloading at 130 k whilst scanning.

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