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Forum section for Questions regarding immunet?


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Hello guys, im new here and i dont want to screw up in my first post, i have a few questions related with the functionality of immunet and i just want to know if this is the appropiate section to do that.

If is, i just want to know if Immunet interacts with Outlook to prevent infected emails, spam and phising, thanks!

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Yup, this is the right place for your questions.


Sorry, Immunet doesn't offer spam or phishing protection,   Interestingly , older versions of Immunet could scan local Outlook.pst email databases for malicious email attachments,  but we shelved this feature for a couple reasons: 

1) the average user moved to cloud email services (gmail, Hotmail, outlook.com / etc), most of which provide  absolutely minimal span and phishing protection,  making  local emal scanning redundant


2) Microsoft changed their outlook.pst  format and libraries a couple times resulting in Immunet failing to quarantine just the attachment from within the outlook.pst   database file;   and instead quarantined the entire email database.

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