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to clam or not to clam?


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Because of version 7's excellent improvements to Immunet, I am once again a user and fan of this AV. I have a few comments concerning Immunet's Clam component:

1) I *think* Clam is included with Immunet primarily to enable a user to do a scan without needing an internet connection... correct???

2) Some folks (I am one of them) do not need Clam because they use some other on-demand AV scanner (such as HitmanPro, McAfee Stinger, Dr.Web CureIt, Emsisoft EEK,  & Trend Micro Housecall). I *suppose* this is the reason why Immunet's GUI offers the option of disabling Clam... correct???

3) However, although Clam can be disabled by using the GUI, Clam is nevertheless resident on one's computer, unnecessarily taking up disk space. It would be nice if the option to NOT use Clam were instead included as an option in Immunet's install routine, so that it would not be loaded onto one's computer at all.

By the way, my favorite computer loves immunet because it is VERY easy on RAM & CPU, and it scans really really fast. A beautiful job of programming!

Aloha from Hawaii,



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Thanks bellgamin,  The devs here appreciate your kind words.


In answer to 

#1 y clam is included so  there  is a local AV engine in case the Immunet Cloud can't be reached, or  if internet speeds r lagging  the local Clam Engine can sometimes  result be faster than the cloud engine.



#2 Immunet offers the option of disabling  clam to put the power in the hands of th user so they can set up Immunet in the way that bests suits them. 



#3 Great Idea -  It's been added to our list of potential enhancements. Will let you know on this thread if iwe decide to implement it.


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