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Steam Client detected as - W32.MAP.Ransomware.rwd


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Using Immunet (abbreviated herein as "I-net"), I checked the Steam.exe* file that you attached to your post #1. I-net reported that file as clean.

I then downloaded the Steam installer from HERE and installed Steam on my Virtual Machine. After installation, I checked the newly-installed Steam.exe file. Its SHA256* is identical to your file's SHA256.  I-net also reported that newly-installed Steam.exe file as clean (to be expected, because it is identical to your Steam.exe file). I then had I-net check the entire Steam file folder (lots of files in that folder). I-net said the folder's entire contents are clean. I then started Steam, registered an account, and loaded a free game. I-net never made a peep.

On my computer, for one, the Steam folder and the file, Steam.exe, check as clean according to Immunet. Of course, my Steam folder does not contain the same settings & game histories that your folder contains. If Immunet continues to flag Steam, you may need to do a right-click Immunet scan of individual files in your Steam folder.

*Steam.exe's  SHA256: 0BDA997391C06BCE6B70DB30808136427C83F972D6D48C3554C2A042EFF09224

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