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Were you referring to creating a automatic Scheduled Scan with Immunet Neil?

For anyone that's not sure how to create a Scheduled Scan with Immunet here are the instructions.

First open the UI by clicking on the Sys Tray icon or the Immunet icon on your Desktop -> click on the "Settings" tab -> scroll down & click on the "Scan Settings" tab for the drop-down menu -> click on "Add New Scheduled Scan" -> in the drop down menu select the options you prefer for your scan -> click "Create" -> click "Apply" -> click "Close" and you have successfully created an automatic scan with Immunet.

Personally I have Immunet set up to run just a "Flash Scan" every day as that scans the most vulnerable areas of your OS that malware likes to use as an attack vector. Plus the Flash Scan is very quick so it won't be using additional system resources in a prolonged manner.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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