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Malware Not Detected

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I came accros this file on the internet while browsing and it was named as a keygen or password generator looks suspicious so what I did enabled shadow user and try to download it to test if immunet nor my AV would detect it did not detect it.. so I was thinking ok then I remember virus scan jotti and scanned it :


Ikarus 2011-01-26 Trojan-PWS.MSIL

Avira 2011-01-25 TR/Dropper.Gen

Nod32 2011-01-26 MSIL/Agent.AT


others did not determine that its a virus.


Virus downloaded and send to database by Orlando.

Please go to this page and chose "Submit a virus" then compile and send.

Don't post in public virus, please read our rules.

Thanks for attention, Orlando.

Edited by Orlando
Please don't post in public malware.

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Vous êtes tous des imbéciles. I regret I've paid for 1 yr of Pro protection (actually, for the TETRA engine).


TR/Dropper.Gen is *never* a malware! This is the *generic* false positive reported by Avira FOR ALL THE PACKED EXECUTABLES, and... ALL THE KEYGENS ARE PACKED EXECUTABLES!


It's stupid to have removed the so-called malware. At least, a link to the VirusTotal.com report *should* have been posted instead!


Believe me, I'm into this since ages, I know a lot of malware and non-malware, and there isn't any antivirus unknown to me -- since 1993.


For the said suspicious file, if Kaspersky is silent, then you can be sure it's clean. (No, Kaspersky is not the best AV, but it's the best to trust when comes to packed exes; 2nd best are MSE and Avast, but they give about 50% false positives when comes to keygens; Avira and many others give about 80-90% false positives with packed exes.)



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Guest Orlando

I have sent this file to the lab and it will check if it's clean or not.


Please be kind,


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