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Option to enable/disable security centre integration


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Immunet is intended to be a companion AV, much like MalwareBytes is intended to be a companion antimalware. However, there is a slight problem that prevents this happening if you use Windows Defender as your main AV in Windows 10. That problem is Immunet's security-centre integration.

In versions of Windows prior to 10, the security centre detected installed antimalware software, but did not automatically disable Microsoft Security Essentials/Defender when present. This caused problems with multiple installed AV programs running simultaneously. A user who installed a 3rd party AV had to manually disable/uninstall Microsoft's AV. As a result, Windows 10 now automatically disables Windows Defender if it detects a third party antimalware solution is installed. For the vast majority of cases, this is desirable to preserve system stability. For companion AV software such as Immunet, this is an annoyance.

When you install Immunet, it integrates itself automatically in the Windows 10 security centre. This disables Windows Defender. This is undesirable, as Immunet is a companion AV, and if run alone, it has a lower detection rate, so the net result is a level of protection that is lower than the level provided by Windows Defender!

In previous versions of Windows, it was possible to achieve great protection by running Windows Defender in parallel with Immunet. In Windows 10, one would need to install another 3rd party antivirus solution in order to run Immunet as a companion AV. In this case, Windows security centre warns the user that they should not be running two antivirus solutions in parallel!

The way MalwareBytes solves this problem is to have an option for "security centre integration" in their settings dialog. That way, if the user wants to use MalwareBytes as the sole protection on the computer, they can enable the option. If they want to run it as a companion program, they can disable the option.

So my suggestion is to add "security centre integration" to the list of toggle switches in Immunet's settings dialog.

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