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We had issues with users reporting these same 503 error messages not long ago. I'll contact the Admin. department & let 'em know this is occurring again with some users.

I see you're still getting the daily malware definition updates for the ClamAV module which is a good thing! The server seems to be running into trouble looking to see if a new build is available for you. I don't think this error is actually affecting the amount of protection that Immunet provides with cloud look-ups and downloading new ClamAV definitions.

Regards, Ritchie...

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Still haven't received any word if this current issue is being looked into yet.

The last time this 503 error started to occur I believe it had something to do with non-English language packs being used and a conflict with Immunet. I don't have a separate non-English language pack installed, just tried the updater and had no problem connecting to the server.

With DeLi's screenshot it does appear that "thankfully" the error is not affecting cloud look-ups or updates for ClamAV as I mentioned before. So I don't think anyone's protection is being compromised.

Since version was just recently rolled out I haven't heard of a new build being issued so, according my updater & to my knowledge, you're not being left out of anything at this time. Still, I wish users didn't have to deal with this annoyance twice! 

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On 12/12/2019 at 8:30 PM, ritchie58 said:

new 503 error problem

I'm seeing it again, this 503 error, and it hails back to GeekDaddy's August 27 post in that other thread where I posted up, too.

In this class of software, one in which purports to provide protection against the dangers of the open internet, any error which persists, intermittently or not, for four months is unacceptable.

Think about the error: a cloud based app fails to connect to it.  'Nuff said.

While I can't accuse indifference and apathy on the part of the developers, it seems the problem won't be resolved.  I suspect Immunet is way, way down on the corporation priority list.

Having tried several Immunet versions for a period approaching a decade on test systems (over time, two Win7 and now Win10) and rejecting it for good reasons over and over, I had high hopes for this latest version.  Again, it won't be migrating to my day-to-day systems.

"Better luck next time" seems to be Immunet's strategy.

Best regards.

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Hey dallas7!

First of all I'd like to wish you & yours a very Merry Christmas!

Sorry to hear that this issue goes unresolved for you and others my friend. I tried to push this issue up the ladder but I'm sorry to say I still haven't heard when/if this is being looked into. I'm as perplexed as you are!

I would have to agree with you there, I also believe that Immunet is not getting nearly the attention or R&D it once did unfortunately. I wish I could be proven wrong on that but the facts kind of speak for themselves as things currently stand I guess.

Best wishes, Ritchie...

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Happy New Year! And a pray for the fires all over the world, especially Australia, to stop!

Finally, I did it again! To remove this error 503 you need to make a clean uninstall of Immunet first and then reinstall it!

Uninstall, clear all data. After restarting, delete folders of immunet on program files and data.

After, running regedit.exe, search for "immunet" delete these keys and subkeys... (I deleted some root keys also (where I see that it is only for immunet).

Then reinstall! I didn't try it without registry cleaning (only reinstall after uninstalling) but you can try it first (just to not mess up with registry)

Happy new 2020

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Interesting fix you thought of Aris! I hope the devs take note of your efforts and look into this. Although it's not advocated that users, under normal circumstances, mess with Immunet's registry keys.

Actually it is recommended that one or two of the Program Files folders for the newest older builds you used not be deleted for possible future troubleshooting/bug fix purposes.

If you know what you're doing and are an intermediate or advanced computer user then using Windows regedit shouldn't be a problem but I can't recommend a novice computer user try this method. Delete the wrong registry keys and maybe your OS won't even work anymore.

Even for advanced computer users it's still not a bad idea to create a manual System Restore Point before using regedit, just in case!!!

Happy New Year to you too bro!
Cheers, Ritchie...

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Thanks Ritchie. The point is that there is a major problem with this version.

It seems that it doesnt saves the options in settings properly, but i believe that there is a conflict with immunet and clamav. Stopping wifi it still seems to be scanning, but also it doesnt stop scanning when it starts.

Update to clamav doesnt work.

I am going to reinstall the old version, as this one seems to be buggy.

I work in a laptop tsblet and I want to use only immunet cloud scanning as it has not much power. Also, sometimes with no intrenet i might need clamav, so it is important to work nice and smoothly.

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On 12/24/2019 at 1:56 AM, dallas7 said:

I confirm that with the new version of immunet the error of contacting the server 503 no longer occurs. All solved. It seems more stable, lighter and faster in scanning. Nice step forward. We hope that the sensitivity on the latest threats and attack techniques has also improved, I am confident though.


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