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Log Files - Clamav For Windows

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Hi, I'm currently evaluating ClamAV for Windows. I've been trying to check if both the scheduled scans and the on-access scans are working.

I've come across agent.exe.log and it contains many copies of errors similar to the three that I'm posting in here.

I've got a few questions about those errors


1/ Feb 03 03:01:27: ERROR: Scan::Directory: unable to open directory : 5 : Access is denied.



2/ Feb 03 03:03:18: ERROR: Query::LookupExecute: native dns mode failed; not downgrading


3/ Feb 03 03:03:18: ERROR: Event::HandleScan: unable to query hash: 596e80a69ccf8d1098741e34832428026b8bde3fdd9f3f8cbfe2d941c9e6327d


1/ Which directory?

2/ What is native dns mode? Does this mean ClamAV had difficulty reaching the internet and subsequently scanning?

3/ Is this related to 2/? How can I tell which file this is?


Are there other log files I should be looking at, or ways to verify if ClamAV is working correctly on my machine?

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