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printer driver files blocked

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Lexmark sends this msg, any assistance would be appreciated - ek

"The files lxducoms.exe and lxduwbgw.exe from the printer driver have have been blocked.  Allow access for these files for your printer to work properly."

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If you think Immunet may be the cause of this I would recommend you check if those .exe files have been quarantined.

First open the UI ->  click on the underlined word Quarantine just below & to the right of the History tab -> if you find the .exe files have been quarantined in the right side Details dialog box click on the file and click on the "Restore" option -> click Apply -> click Close. Follow the same procedure for the other .exe file if present.

This will automatically move the files to the Exclusion list and will no longer be scanned.

If Immunet isn't the problem check your firewall or any other security apps you may be using to make sure the files aren't being blocked by that software.

Another thing to check is make sure the Print Spooler Service is set to "Automatic" in Services. Some printers require this setting.  If you're not sure how that's done shoot me a Private Message and I can give you detailed instructions on how to access & adjust this Windows Service. I will need to know what your OS is first though.

If you still encounter issues after checking these things I would suggest you contact Lexmark support at this link for further assistance. http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=productSelection&channel=supportAndDownloads&locale=en&userlocale=EN_US

Merry Christmas, Ritchie...

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I would like to try and reproduce this, can you tell em what model of printer you have

eddyk?  I know it's  Lexmark something - but  what model?  I doubt they all use the same driver.






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