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I sat down to my computer this morning and found immunet utilizing 100% of the CPU. Although I sat up a scan schedule (daily full scan 0300), it states it has never run a scan. I see that it updated today at 11:12:44 AM. As I am typing it just dropped to a reasonable CPU usage, but it still states a scan has never been run. HA! CPU is back to 98% utilization.

I was super excited to find this product because we use the commercial version (AMP) at work and client locations. But not being able to use my computer is going to be an issue.

Dell 8920 i7-7700K 4.20GHZ 48 GB RAM Windows 10 Home v1909

Any recommendations? 



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Hi Chad71,

Are you using the ClamAV module enabled? There have been past occurrences where ClamAV was using excessive CPU usage with older builds. 

As an experiment temporarily disable the ClamAV module and updates for it and see if that lowers the CPU cycles to an acceptable level. Leave the ETHOS & SPERO cloud engines enabled so you don't loose that protection.

If the UI doesn't display the correct scan history that possibly could be a connectivity issue. Make sure that no other security app you are using, including your firewall, isn't interfering with or blocking Immunet's processes. These processes are iptray.exe, sfc.exe and cscm.exe. When ClamAV is enabled Immunet also uses freshclam.exe.

Glad to hear you're familiar with Immunet's Enterprise version, AMP for Endpoints!

Ya know, AMP can be configured for individual/home/private network use too. I used it for a year just to check out the software myself with my home desktop a while back. Just pointing out an alternative at your disposal.

Happy New Year!

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