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Thunderbird Exception For V3.0

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I read somewhere a while back that in v3.0 the exclusion nsmail.tmp can/should be replaced with one of a wild card nature. It's still listed as the former in the support tiki. While I never had any problems with TBird and Immunet, I'd still like the suggested threat exclusion in my configuration. What is it? Thanks!

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Guest Orlando

We have some problem with Tunderbird and Immunet Protect PLUS, not FREE, so for fix any problems we have put it in the exclusion.


Millard or Alfred can say something more.


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I see that 6 months further along and this problem has still not been solved


Just re installed the latest pro version and is still the same


Its a real shame


Update, altough I have downloaded the v. 3 it installs the V2.0.17.31 and won't install the V 3, so I'm stck for the moment


will post in forums to see why it won't install correctly


Second Update : Bug in version 3, when installing French langauge version this only install version 2, installing English language installs correctly and the thunderbird bug now seems to have disapeared

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