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Fake, Malicious Draft Notices Being Sent says U.S. Army


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The U.S. Army has issued a public statement saying that some American citizens are receiving fake draft notices in the form of text messages via smartphone. That they report to the nearest recruiting station for training & deployment to Iran.

Army officials issued a statement, saying, "U.S. Army Recruiting Command has received multiple calls and emails about these fake text messages and wants to ensure Americans understand these texts are false and were not initiated by this command or the U.S. Army."

There hasn't been any compulsory military service obligation since shortly after the Vietnam war ended. The U.S. military is comprised of strictly voluntary members since 1973.

The messages don't seem to appear to target one particular age group or gender. Some childern's phones have actually even been targeted!

If you get one of these fake texts, Mallory Vergara with the Better Business Bureau warns people not to click on anything.

“As soon as you click that information, they can hack into your phone, get your email, address, social, whatever information that you have on your phone," Vergara said.

So if you're unlucky enough to get one of these bogus text messages just delete it. Don't click on any attachments or links that may be included in the text message.

Here is a image what the fake text message may look like.


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