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power shell exploits

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new variants of power shell exploits


these are not detected by av

believed these were addressed by April 2019  windows fix but i dont know

also nov updates



regular computer user gonna be messed big,my 1 cent or penny 







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Hi novirus,

Do you have samples of these possible exploits/malware? If so, here are instructions on how & where to send them to.

We don't want forum members posting actual malware samples here on this site (for the security of other members) but we do have a malware sample submission site using this email address: submit@samples.immunet.com

Before sending the samples put them all in a folder, compress the folder using a program like 7zip or WinRAR and use a password to encrypt it, add that as an attachment to the email.

As the email header type: Virus Samples, so the tech immediately knows what it is. Include a description of the type of malware it is and any other pertinent data you can think of in the email,  just don't forget to include the password so the folder can be unpacked.

Regards, Ritchie...

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