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Immunet 3.0 Has Been Released


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WOW..Eeeeeasyyyyyyy it was.


(1)Clicked on 'download free version' in the Immunet web site. IMMUNET


(2) Chose 'run'---and run it did. In about < two minutes It overwrote 2.16.38 plus, and, it kept my plus license code...done.


(3) Opened the interface (general settings) and turned on my choices of engines (all on) and it downloaded (the definitions?)quickly, 2-3 mins.


(4) On the main interface clicked 'update now' and again it downloaded, <1 min.


Done, Yea.


Looks great! All the community, license, and components are there. And I have THREE GREEN, checked, Orbs. (haven't seen that for awhile.)


Cant wait to test drive this a little when I have time. Thank you Al, and the rest of the staff. Great Job!

Hi Millard..didn't want to leave you out of my thanks, the above quote was in reply to Al in another thread. THANKS

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Haven't been here for a while...seems many things are different~ I heard Immunet has been added to Google Packs list,congratulations! Just because of this,more people are getting known of this awesome product,so the localization is in great need of,I've finished Chinese translation for some time,but Immunet 3.0 still doesn't support Chinese,I've already seen some people here asking for 3.0 final Chinese version,so I hope you guys can make this available soon~ If need any help I'll be here :)   Mature

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I have downloaded Immunet protect free V.3 to test (for the first time) and so I don't why but my protection factor is 0 !!! I have done my inscription but nothing, protection factor stand to 0

Someone can help me?



The protection factor is based on the number of people in your community and the number of threats seen. For more information, please refer to the user's guide



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Dear DonataDonla2011,

This forum is about computer security and about Immunet AV products in particular! Your link to dating Asian girls is against the rules of this forum, why a moderator or an administrator will remove this post and you will be banned!

Bye for good! sweidre

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