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payload loaded through using public charging stations in  airports ,malls 

phones and tablets  and maybe few laptops that allow USB charging

once connected payload steals information via USB connection

(usually USB ports have cables already provided) 



CAREFUL USING public USB stations


use your own charger connected to power plugs

thieves dont stop




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Good point novirus!

Simply using a public USB port charging station can be used as an attack vector to access one's laptop computer, tablet or smartphone or even execute arbitrary code if the charging provider has malicious intent or the system has been hacked into!

These public charging stations are becoming increasingly more popular & cropping up in more places like you mentioned novirus. Like airports, shopping malls, bus terminals, restaurants, bars, etc...

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Exploits using public charging points have been around for a while. I have always avoided these even since before the first proof-of-concept exploits were published, for two reasons: Firstly, because it was inevitable this would happen, and secondly, because you cannot guarantee the stability and reliability of the power supply at an unknown charging point. If I use the charger that came with my device, plugged into a surge protector, I know it won't damage my device.

I would recommend anyone that ever uses these charging points to purchase a USB data-blocker (also often called a "USB condom"), or to use a charging-only cable. A data-blocker is very small (only about the size of your USB plug). It plugs into the USB charging point, and you plug your cable into the data-blocker. It does the same thing as a charging-only cable: It leaves the voltage connections intact but severs the data connections on the plug - so your device can still charge, but it is completely impossible to exchange data via USB.

They all seem fairly inexpensive. Mine is a "Portapow" one, which seems to be the most common; however many other manufacturers make them including Mic-Lock (their AC-USB pays homage to AC/DC's logo) and Privise.

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