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Immunos Antivirus


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Clearcloud blocked the site this time I tried to access it,





so thats a bit suss as it only supposed to block malware sites.


Also got a > Exploit:Java/CVE-2010-0840.AS


Last time I had a look at it.

picked up on my computer a few hours later!






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Well, easy now on the suck word - it does use ClamAV as well as the cvd databases. But I think this is just a GUI front end for the current command line driven SourceForge Clam-Win32. Medical terminology has always been mirrored in the computer industry and "immunize" having long ago become generic. Clever plays on that word are inevitable. Look for my upcoming "there's an app for that" - ImmunWhackIt.


Anyhow, Immunos got my curiosity so I wanted to install it on my test system but it wants .NET which is not allowed within 1000 meters of any XP system I own. :lol:


One can glean from their Web site, Immunos is strictly a run it, scan something, close it application. No cloud, no realtime. Like ClamWin.


@Orlando: check if there's a roughly 5MB libclamav.dll - if so, it's SourceForge. Check the Properties for its version; ClamAV 0.97 (devel-clamav-0.97) is the latest. If not, what did you find in the way of dll files?


Geeks-only FYI: http://sourceforge.net/projects/clamav/ & http://sourceforge.net/projects/clamav/files/clamav/win32/



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