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False positive processhacker


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Hello. Normally very satisfied by immune but i have one gripe with it.

It detects processhacker as PUA.Win.Tool.Prochack and tries to block it even if i add it to exceptions (luckily it fails but the popups are quite annoying).

Processhacker is not a PUA quite the contrary actually, its an opensource replacement for windows task manager which actually helps finding infections since it can show exactly which processes

are loaded by suspecious files and kill them dead.

Could you please add this tool to exceptions ?.

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Hello Revelator,

 The detection name signifies a "Potentially Unwanted Application" (PUA) is present. 

Processhacker? Is that a typo? Never heard of it before myself. I've heard of Process Hacker and a few other legitimate process monitoring tools but I can't seem to find anything relevant on the web regarding this software!

That makes me more than a little suspicious if it's actually legit or not! Malware authors can & do create legit looking apps but are actually malicious in nature.

We do have a dedicated False Positive reporting site at the included URL that you will need to use to report this to the developers. The report will require you to submit pertinent data & the correct SHA256 hash for the software for further investigation. Also include the company name that developed the code for this tool and the URL where you downloaded it from?  https://www.immunet.com/false_positive

Please don't add any URL links to this software here just in case it is malicious for the safety of other forum members. Just add that info to the FP report.

Cheers, Ritchie...

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