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Immunos Anti-Virus

Guest OrlandoP

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Guest Orlando

Immunos is NOT distribuited by Immunet or SourceFire, so my considerations are vague, we discussed about it is a Rogue or it isn't, but I'm working on it for relase secure analysis.


The thing, which does not convince us, is the presence of P2P installations, but the code is from ClamAV, so we can't relase at the moment a sincer response. Sources made by users (as WOT) tell about unsafe site, official sources (as ClearCloud) block its site. VirusTotal points 0 malware (it can NOT provide a 100% of rilevations) so the situation is incert.


Technical analysis and updates will be added below.


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I have used this product and it appears to be a simple on-demand scanner. After playing around with it for several days I removed it. It had no adverse effects on my system, but it seemed primative and after I had become bored with it I no longer had a use for it.(just curious).

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