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Avast Av - Possible False Positives

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Since upgrading to the latest version of Immunet I seem to be getting a number of possible false positives related to Avast antivirus files. The files are .tmp files found in C:\windows\temp\avast\ and have files names like unp***.tmp where *** is a multi-digit number such as: unp10320175.tmp or unp192631802.tmp. It is either coming up with a "quarantine failed" error or "quarantine successful" error and indicates that it is a "Clam.trojan.FakeAV-393" file.


Are these false positives or true malware?


If false, should I just let Immunet continue to quarantine or should I restore?



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Guest Orlando

They are FPs, so go in settings and put this path ("C:\windows\temp\avast\") in exclusions.



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