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Immunet already installed... How to repair and reinstall immunet?

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Hi, how are you guys?

My Immunet stoped working a few days ago, I have tryed to remove it, but I wasn't able to find any folders and not even the uninstall executable...

And I cannot install, every time I try to install a message pops out saying it is already installed but it isn't, and I am not able to uninstall it also... 

What can I do, is there any solutions for that?

This is the message

Immunet wont install

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Hello Alex & welcome to the Immunet forum,

Did you recently install Immunet? The reason I ask that is Immunet is really great at keeping a uninfected machine just that way but one could run into problems if you installed Immunet on an already infected computer.

Best wishes, Ritchie...


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If you really need to force remove it, you could try removing it with Revo Uninstaller (gratis software) or BCUninstaller (free software, name is short for "Bulk Cr*p Uninstaller"). You will probably have the best chance of it working, by attempting this from safe mode, or at least attempting to stop Immunet's services first.

Command to stop Immunet's services:

wmic service where "name like 'Immunet%'" call stopservice

Procedure for entering safe mode on Windows 10:

Start menu --> hold down shift and click power --> restart. From the advanced menu that appears, navigate to the troubleshooting etc. options, and buried-away in there somewhere, is the extremely well-hidden option to reboot in Safe Mode.


(I don't know what Microsoft were smoking when they came up with that one, or indeed any of the configuration dialogues in Windows 10. This task used to be accomplished by holding down F5/F8 as soon as you turned on your computer, back when Windows was simple and easy to use. The main use of safe mode is to fix a broken installation that won't boot; you now have to actually be able to boot in order to restart in safe mode)!


Good luck!

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