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Some good news about Cornovirus?


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The answer to that is yes!

I know this topic has nothing to do with Immunet or computer security but I think we all could use some good news for a change of pace.

It was announced today that researchers at UPMC Medical Center, Pittsburgh, Pa. has developed a vaccine against the Covid-19 virus!

Animal testing of the new vaccine has had "very positive results!" Enough antibodies were produced to make the animal test subjects immune to the virus.

Now UPMC is seeking Federal approval to start human testing on voluntary individuals. They are trying to speed up the process to get the vaccine approved for public use.

What would normally take months or even years of testing the researchers are going to attempt to get the vaccine ready in as little as two weeks once Federal approval for human testing is granted.

Another interesting thing is how people will get this vaccine. They have developed what's called a micro needle array. It resembles a small square piece of plastic a little smaller than a postage stamp but is made of some sort of gelatin material.

The patch is placed on the skin and pressed. This method lets the vaccine be absorbed directly into the skin with very little or no pain involved. This will aid in getting the vaccine to elderly, or otherwise, people who are on a blood thinning regimen.

This will also make it much easier to administer to children and those who hate to be poked by a syringe. Normally when a vaccine is administered it is by syringe injection into muscle tissue.



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For some historic trivia Pittsburgh is also known for a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh named Jonas Salk. In the late 1940's his research proved to be vitally instrumental in developing a viable Polio vaccine. The same one we all get (or should) to this day.

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