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PrivaZer.exe Blocked - How to resolve?

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Did you make sure you got the correct file path for the executable as a custom Exclusion rule with Immunet? If the installer created it, did you try an Exclusion rule for the "entire Program Files folder" for the software?

If you are sure you created an Exclusion with the correct file path(s) and it's still being blocked then I would suggest you submit a False Positive report at this URL for the devs to take a look at. https://www.immunet.com/false_positive

You will need the correct SHA256 checksum to complete the FP report. If you're not sure what the correct hash is you can contact the software developers for this info.

Another option to obtain the correct SHA256 checksum would be to use a third-party software program like HashCalc. I've personally used this software myself on occasion. https://download.cnet.com/HashCalc/3000-2250_4-10130770.html

Best wishes & stay healthy, Ritchie...

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op, Can you tell us what version of immunet &  operating system your seeing this on and share a  link to where you got your copy of  privazar that's fp'ing?

I tried privzar v3.0.96.1  Released : 06 April 2020  (both the Pe and installer versions)  on win 10_X86&X64 and I can't reproduce your FP.

Cheers, RobT

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That is strange if you couldn't reproduce the FP with Win 10 Rob.

"Great idea to ask him where he downloaded the software from!" That makes me wonder if 4tygrit's copy of PrivaZer is not legitimate and perhaps even contains malicious code. If that's the case then Immunet was simply doing it's job by detecting the bogus software.

It's certainly not unheard of to download software that's been manipulated for malicious purposes if not getting it directly from the source or a reputable download hub site.

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