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Cloud Invitations Database


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I hope you will understand me.

Just because I didn't saw this feature and you don't have to post on forum to get a invitation from the cloud.

I wonder if it possible to make a database for all who want invitations into a specific cloud.

Let say the database is predefined with countries.

Who want to be part of his country just send his ID to all from that country and in response he will get all ID's from them.

And every time that country get a new member will send his ID to all and get ID's from all.

And this future to be accessed from antivirus interface at the beginning of installation or after no matter when.

and this not give the emails of members ... just ID's ... the ID's taken from hardware ID's and converted. I guess this can stop possible unwanted spam.

everyone are welcome to make suggestion/completion to this



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Great idea, seems that would help increase a user's protection factor by increasing the size of his/her community.


this idea just came out to a cup of coffee and browsing the forum so don't take me as a computer guru.

the greatness of this can be measured only if it will be considered necessarily and implemented by Immunet.


Just think of the protection that would provide if you were "directly connected with every Immunet user in your country!" Wow! Novel idea but could the servers handle that kind of work load?


I'm speaking hypothetically now.

I presume it will be like a burst of data from one to server and server to many. The upload process from server to many will be loaded. I don't know how heavy it will be the load.

At the beginning of this process can be some heavy load on server/s because till then Immunet it will have over 1-1.5 mil users but after, this load will be lowered I guess.

And maybe this can be expanded to more little miniclouds 2-3-4 or custom clouds like "Maria's cloud" ... :lol: I'm hallucinating


thank you, Bogdan

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