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No Program Exit Option


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Guest Orlando

Yes, I know I can always terminate it abnormally, but I wondered why Immunet doesn't provide a simple program exit or suspend option in the UI?


You can go in the settings and set "Blocking Mode" off, we reccomend this for installation, if you want disable Anivirus go in the settings and turn of the engine.



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I thought that the need for a button to temporily disable the program while downloading software that would be otherwise blocked was discussed in a forum here recently. I know I posted my comment but \I cannot find it now. Other AV programs do have this and it is a must for me using Windows. The measures above do not seem to proress this topic in the right way. What can be done about this absence?

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I find Immunet sometimes interferes with software installation and would like to either temporarily pause it or exit the program. I see no exit or pause option. What is the best way to handle this situation?

Hi bugfree,

This has thoroghly been wanted by all posters on this forum thread originating by WacoJohn:

"Quit, Suspend, Exit product improvement "

http://forum.immunet.com/index.php?/topic/943-quit-suspend-exit/page__pid__5801&do=findComment&comment=5801 ,

but nothing happens nowadays! Many things have been decided upon, but nobody will implement things! Since the take-over by Sourcefire there is like a paralysis right over!



PS. It seems, that is no idea to bring forward proposals for product improvement any longer! No Immunet admins reply or comment, so the ideas will get forgotten for good! DS.

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